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A day in the life of our Commercial Director

A day in the life of our Commercial Director

5th March 2014

David Mathews is the Commercial Director here at bopgun design; he’s responsible for managing client relationships and making sure the studio runs smoothly. Here’s a typical day in the studio…

Pick up the iPhone on the way to the kitchen for the first of many daily cups of tea. Have a quick scour through the emails that have come in over-night. Try not to get seduced by the many offers that just keep coming! If any design catches my eye make sure it’s flagged to bring up in our weekly creative meeting.


Give the kids their final warning to get their school things ready, how many times have I said “Shoes, coats and book bags please?”

Either in the car on the way to studio, catching up with Jon (Creative Director) about things going on that day, or doing the school run. Also catching up on the vital information of ‘have we got enough items in the fridge?’.

Turn in the drive at the farm, every time thinking how lucky we are to have our studio in the idyllic countryside environment – keep an eye out for chickens or Scruff (the landlord’s dog) and wonder if I’m too late to get the space right outside the studio.

Sit down at the mac and update my digital to-do list. I recently read that promoting the important things to the top and committing to doing just 2 or 3 a day will stop you putting off those not so nice ones. Have a quick update with each member of the team to see how their projects are progressing. Also note any pressing issues or anything on the horizon.

Update any clients timesheets and project timelines. Have a scan of the accounts update report to make sure things are all on track.

Start to wonder where the morning has gone already. I’m usual talking to clients by this time, with a lot of website management we have to keep on top of our clients customers concerns. Start switching my head into SEO mode for any client updates.

Keep my head down knowing that it’s probably my turn for the tea round!

Shout out “guys do you know it’s lunchtime?” Before making the decision of what to have from the bopgun cupboard. Quite often it’s a sandwich and then over to the chillout area to try and rest the eyes from the screen. Normally get interrupted with a phone call so it’s back on with more client work.

3pm is a well-known energy slump time of the day so I try to combat this with a glass of water and a 5 min break from the computer screen. The afternoons are normally spent going through the list of to-do’s and trying not to add any more. Another quick update with the team and back on with managing the studio.

Start planning to get out of the studio, knowing full well that something will come up just as I’m about to hit the shutdown button!

Look at the clock in the cube unit, for about the 5th time, and say “Damn it, I’m gonna be late home again!”