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How Data Visualisation will help your business

How Data Visualisation will help your business

22nd February 2019

Data Visualisation Definition: A general term describing any effort that helps people to understand data and its significance by placing it into a visual context. 

Did you know that out of all the information we take in everyday around 90% of it is visual? It has been proven that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. This is why Data Visualisation is so important. By transforming data into a chart or graph, the information will be recalled better than looking at list of numbers in a spreadsheet! This has many benefits for your business, keep reading as we run through the top 4.

1. Simplify your data

Simplifying the data has many benefits of its own. One fo the main reasons is that it allows you to easily share large amounts of data with your audience. This is especially helpful when presenting information to people who haven’t seen the data before or worked as closely to it as you. A simple visual is much easier understand than a complex collection of information.

2. Visuals are easier to remember

As we mentioned earlier, we remember visuals much better than text. This is because the human brain can commit it to the long-term memory easier than text. If we look at children, they process visuals long before they learn to read or write. Taking in information via images and graphics comes naturally to us, so it makes perfect sense to display information in this way.

3. Reveals patterns, trends and anomalies

One of the best reasons for using data visualisation is that you can save a lot of time trying to identify different trends and patterns. It’s much easier to digest and interpret visual data. Ultimately making it easier to find any correlations or anomalies that would have been nearly impossible to find otherwise.

4. Enable data-driven decision making

From all of this you can now use the data to help in your decision making. By being able to break down different components within the data (demographics, location, etc…) you can easily see and track performance levels. Giving you the next steps to improve your business with rationale behind it.

If you are looking for a better way to communicate with colleagues, clients or even prospective clients – visualising your raw date is a great way to educate and connect.