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Pokemon GO – The augmented reality craze

Pokemon GO – The augmented reality craze

15th July 2016

You may have heard a whisper somewhere or noticed that everyone is stuck to their phones more than usual. But social media aside, there’s a huge reason for this and unless you live in a cardboard box with no communication to the outside world, you’ll have heard about the almighty game, Pokemon GO.


The game has taken the world by storm, creating an array of Steve Irwins going forth for new Pokemon to catch. We’ve heard of people falling off their skateboards trying to catch pokemon, some quitting their jobs to become a full time Pokemon master, to a girl in the US whilst venturing under a bridge to hunt, found more than she bargained for with the reveal of a dead body. All of this craziness and the game has only been out in the UK for two days. But why is it such a big deal?

Gaming has always challenged how we see and style the world, but usually from the safety of our own homes, arcades and devices. However what Pokemon GO has just created and why it is such a huge step forward in gaming, is how it integrates into our everyday lives. You walk to work, you catch pokemon, sat at your desk, on your lunch hour, in the loo, visiting relatives, everywhere we go the game is active and live. By using GPS Niantic have cleverly mapped our environment with Pokestops to collect gems like extra pokeballs, eggs and coins, to rustling leaves to navigate where pokemon are. All the way through to shopping using our own real world money to develop our status in the game. It’s the first game that truely captures the imagination of the user and enters our own environment. But Pokemon won’t be where it stops.

Blog-Post-pokemongo1Ever played Mario Kart? A ‘HOAX’ released following the Pokemon GO launch last Thursday, the game ‘apparently’ sees the user drive through real life streets via their inbuilt sat nav systems, picking up mushrooms and stars, just like the game. Although not real, it won’t be long before this technology paves the way for many other games.

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