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How we are using VR technologies to increase clients off-plan house sales

How we are using VR technologies to increase clients off-plan house sales

21st February 2020

The advancements and applications for VR technologies are constantly evolving. Which is why we are happy to be partnered up with Whiley & Co. to bring these technologies to our new home development clients. Helping them to improve their customer experience offerings by bridging gaps and helping to increase off-plan sales!

We have a strong background across the house building industry. From new home and retirement developers to local estate agencies and interior designers. Combined with our passion for delivering meaningful and lasting results for our clients we noticed a gap in the customer journey that needed filling.

Purchasing a new home is a big decision. Which is why it’s hard to get customers to buy a new home off-plan. After all, they only have floorplans and drawings to go off of. It is proven that our emotions influence our purchasing behaviour. But how are customers expected to get that emotional connection and shell out hundreds of thousands of pounds from a piece of paper? The answer: Virtual Technology!

Riverside View, Keynsham

We first partnered up with Whiley & Co. in the summer of 2018 ready for the launch of Riverside View, Keynsham. For the launch of this development to be successful we needed to ensure Phase 1 sales met targets. By offering virtual show home images and videos, customers could get a feel for what their new home would look like. But without having a real show home open yet we needed to go one step further.

This is when we decided to create 360° tours. This way customers have two ways to see more. Firstly they have the interactive images which they can move to see the room to its full perspective. Secondly, we had the setup installed at the local estate agents so customers could put on the VR headset and actually be in the virtual show home.

The imagery, video and 360° tours created were added to the website along with CGI imagery of the refurbished leisure centre below to help sell the lifestyle aspect of living at Riverside View, Keynsham.

80% of apartment reservations for our phase 1 units were sold all off-plan. Which has delivered a fantastic outcome for us!
Derek Quilter, Executive Director Operations, Aequus Group


Kingsfield Court, Martin Grant Homes

We have also recently completed a similar project for our clients at Martin Grant Homes to help attract potential customers and increase off-plan sales. Again, we added the VR imagery, video and 360° tours to the website to help potential customers identify with these new apartments and to help visualise themselves there. To help increase the awareness for this development we used the assets on social media and Facebook Advertising. Since launching this development at the start of the year we have collected 358 leads!

With an estimated backlog of 3.91 million homes in England* and the government annual target of 300,000 new homes, competition amongst new home developers has never been so strong. Don’t get left behind, if you think we could help you then let’s have a chat.

*Heriot-Watt University