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Why are letters disappearing from signage?

Why are letters disappearing from signage?

20th August 2016

It’s always a daunting process to give blood, you never know if you can, where the blood bank truck will be or if you’ll suddenly find out that you actually have a grave fear of needles. Whatever the reluctance, giving blood is one of the greatest gifts you can give that can actually save lives and unfortunately until you need blood for whatever reason in your life, you probably won’t realise what a donation can mean. But how do the NHS get this message across?

Give Blood have created an eye catching campaign that have seen huge brands such as Tescos, Microsoft and X-Box take part in order to promote awareness and hopefully drive people to donate, called ‘Missing Type.’ The campaign communicates that the world’s A’s B’s and O blood types are disappearing from all over the world. To regain control of the disappearance, the campaign are asking everyone to ‘drop’ these letters from their names to show support and register to give blood. This year blood organisations from 21 countries are joining to create awareness and pull in donations. So expect to see these huge giant names drop these blood types over the next week or so.

It’s such a clever and almost viral way of getting people talking about blood, even to the point of intriguing people enough to find out their blood types to see if they’re a rare blood group and encourage them to donate. We look forward to seeing this in the big brands over the next few weeks. Will be interesting to see just how different these giants will look with these letters omitted also.

In support to the campaign, the Bopgun team are going to get ourselves down to the nearest blood bank and actively donate to help thousands that need blood each year.


To find out more visit the Give Blood website.