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2018 Marketing Trend Predictions

2018 Marketing Trend Predictions

12th December 2017

With 2018 fast approaching, we have taken a look at what has worked well this year in marketing. It’s important in this ever changing digital world to try and stay on top of the trends. So with that in mind we’ve had a think about what we predict the big trends of 2018 Digital Marketing will be.

Voice Optimised Content

Voice optimisation has been steadily growing in the background for a little while now. However this past year 20% of online searches were conducted through voice search. Even big brands such as Dominos have started using voice search via Alexa, making it even quicker and easier for customers. By 2020 voice searches are predicted to increase to a whopping 50%! Not only that but with over half of all search queries coming from mobile, marketers are focusing on it in the context of voice search to boost their SEO.

voice search content


Instagram has been growing at an outstanding rate with approximately 800 million users each month. Lets have a quick look at how Instagram has exploded over the past few years. Back in 2012 Facebook bought Instagram when in it had around 35 million users. Only 18 months later its subscriber base had soared to 150 million! Currently they have 800 million users with 500 million using it every day! Key to their latest growth spurt, i’m sure to Snapchats annoyance, is Instagram Stories. With fun features such as filters and boomerang Instagram is fast becoming the favourite social media app. If their growth continues through to 2018 then this is definitely one platform to start taking advantage of.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has been one of the hottest social media trends of 2017, and it is likely to only get bigger. Being able to share information live and interact with followers has proved popular for both businesses and individuals. Using live-stream platforms is a nearly free way to drive tons of revenue for your business. And when it comes down to it, the video live-streaming market is growing at an alarming rate. In 2016, it was already a more than £22.5 billion industry and it’s just getting started. It’s projected to more than double in growth by 2021 to become a more than £52.5 billion industry.

Live Streaming

End of Twitter?

2017 has been a bad year for Twitter. In a complete u-turn from Instagram they have struggled to grow users this year. They have even invested in features and live content that have worked for other sites, to try and help draw viewers and boost user engagement. Not only that but the company also reported a wider quarterly net loss and lower revenue. Will this mark the start of the end for this social site?

Do you have any predictions for marketing trends next year that we haven’t mentioned? We would love to hear them!

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