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Bangers4BEN 2016 – The totals

Bangers4BEN 2016 – The totals

4th November 2016

About a month ago you’ll remember that our designer Sam drove half way across Italy and France for the charity BEN in a rally to support the charity. The Jurassic Park Mini made it over 2000 miles across the Alps without a hitch, with both Sam and her partner dressed up as a T Rex and hunter from the Spielberg classic. But what happens next?

The auction

All the cars made their way down to the London auction for Friday 28th October 2016 to help raise more money for the charity by selling them all off one by one.


The Jurassic Park Mini

We are proud to say that the Jurassic Park Mini or Minicoopersaurus made a whopping £1,725 and therefore was the car that raised the most money at auction overall.

Complete with the justgiving donations of £460, the little Jurassic Mini raised a total of…



This has been a record breaking year for the BEN charity, with the collated efforts of all the car sales and fundraising coming to a whopping…


Well done to all the teams and thank you to everyone who donated and we’re proud to have been a part of the charity event.

To find out more about the event visit the cardealermagazine website or to find out more on the car and theme, look at our blog post Bopgun supports Bangers4BEN2016.