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Harry Potter Creature Feature

Harry Potter Creature Feature

18th November 2016

It’s been five years since the last jam packed adventure, full of magic, danger, family feuds and fantastical lands and creatures last hit our screens but we’ve not forgotten the playful characters and magical world that was the J.K. Rowling legacy, the Harry Potter films. But of course the adventure did not quite end like we thought…

The world is alive today with the long awaited release of the new Harry Potter epic, “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” and with rumours that there will be a further 5 adventures to follow in the coming years, the excitement is a little too much to bear for its numerous mythical fans, which also goes for the team here at Bopgun.

So, purely in honour of the new epic who’s storyline focuses around the recapture and discovery of the world’s beasts and creatures, we’ve decided to make the creature safari just that little bit harder for the Potter character, Newt Scamandar, by adding to his world of creatures.

Join us below on an illustrative enchanted trail of creepy beings and ghoulish figures that the team and their families have created in our lab for Newt to capture along with the creatures descriptions below.


Found in deep woodland, this intimidating and rare creature roams the lands in search of water to hydrate its face that needs moisture regularly to function. It feeds on anything that is not intimidated by it, feeding similarly to a snake, by engorging its prey slowly, breaking down each bite with it’s muscular body and holding the victim in place with its huge tentacles. It has no physical enemies apart from dehydration and so is very confident and bad tempered, charging at anything it sees. Approach is not advised.

This little squeaker is a constant traveller, originating from South America. He migrates constantly, but loves nothing more than when it’s Christmas time, in which he follows the route of the reindeer across the world as they complete their yearly duty. His diet consists mainly of a vegetarian variety, having only one weakness, Cheetos which he finds foraging in rubbish bins. His nemesis is generally cats who mistaken his squeaking for that of a mouse and of course South Americans in which was the reason he left, to escape. He’s currently 2 years old but can live up to a respectable 7 years.

Not much is known about this specific creature, mainly because to think of it beacons a visit from him. At some point in all our lives we are visited by this cloaked figure, patrolling the corridors of our homes holding a staff with a dreamcatcher attached. Manipulating our dreams and using the catcher to transform them into nightmares to feed back to us once more. He feeds on fear and dreams, resides anywhere and everywhere and lives forever.

Unnamed 1 (Charlie, age 9)
This anonymous creature has no name or has it had any sightings. It resides purely in folktale and myths that have been passed on by generations. The beast displays a crown of snakes that fans out to make him look bigger to predators, however not always works as is seen by his half eaten little figure. With stumps for hands, his body sits on a compact and curled tail that when straightened out can measure up 2 metres. Location and eating patterns are unknown.

Found mainly in forests, this small creature forages for food on the forest floor, taking it back up to his home on the highest branches of the highest trees. With his cat like sharp hearing ears, owl like 360 neck and sensitive dog like nose, he can constantly be on alert, on the lookout for danger. His body is covered in leathery scale patches that change colour with its mood, with a set of two mouths, one for tasting and one for eating, reducing its chance of poisoning. The little beast has sharp skeleton like feet and fingers with frog strong back legs, enabling him to jump up to 100m at a time. Friendly natured but also very timid, can be found camouflaged on the forest floor, hidden from predators.

Freddy the fox – (Felix, Age 6)
Found mainly around the town of Melksham, the fox like creature hosts a massive head, making the animal’s intelligence and knowledge far higher than any of its prey, enabling the furry little fox to outsmart and search for food at ease. He has a quaint set of very bright wings, allowing him to take to the skies away from danger. On a diet of mainly fish and spinach, his only real enemies are human hunters and hounds. However this little guy is only a cub, 6 years old, so goes under the radar to such threats most of the time but can live up to 100 years.

Lebo the Pixie
Found in market towns in the South West of England, this mischievous little pixie is made up of a leaf like structure, where the veins create his complex but fragile skeleton. His talons enable him to fly on warm air currents and manoeuvre himself into unusual, twisted shapes to not only keep himself warm and safe at night but also to conceal his little body from his enemy, the human. In specific human children who pluck his kind from trees, in which he dies instantly. Feeding on nutrients from his mother tree’s bark, the pixie sheds his skin every Autumn to reveal his smaller frame and winter skin that allows him to hibernate in one of the mother tree’s knots until Spring. His mischief is most dominant in this season as thousands of his kind shed their skin and use it to aim at unsuspecting passers by. His life span is roughly 200 years or until his mother tree is cut down.

Unnamed 2 – (Livi, age 7)
Another phantom amongst our archive of creatures, with hardly any recordings. This image is that of a cave drawing found 3 years ago. The vast creature hosts just one eye, which is only enhanced by the many snake eyes that resound on its head for extra dimensional information. His tentacle legs are hypnotic when he dances, allowing his tail to pull you in closer for a dance.

Bonecruncher Zombie Shark – (William, age 9)
A creature feared by the whole animal kingdom, you do not want to cross this beast in the world’s oceans. Originating mainly at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, with a steel hydraulic teethed bite, Bonecruncher has the power to hypnotise his prey whilst he takes the brutal final bite. Getting up to speeds of 100mph, the only enemy of this brutal beast is the Vampire Blue Whales that command the seas. Living up to an impressive age of 6000, Bonecruncher is only a baby, currently 18 years of age. It’s not advised to approach this creature.

This little creature is integral in how our gardens look, nurturing and arranging flowers, this little florist loves nothing more than gathering blooms to sell in her underground florist shop. Parsley’s body is completely covered in spikes combined with a hard as nails skin that protects her from nasty predators. She uses her tail as her main weapon and if all else fails can hop extremely fast to get away from danger. She’s mostly active in the Spring and Summer months.