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New year campaigns you’ll keep

New year campaigns you’ll keep

19th January 2017

New year is a time to wipe the slate clean and an great excuse to try something new. But for many in our industry it’s a stage to re evaluate our client’s brands and campaigns as well as our own agency goals and ambitions for the year. Whether it’s a temporary rebrand or a special offer and sale, whatever the idea, it’s one of the best times that users will expect and welcome their inboxes and social media to be bombarded with discounts and offers.

So to get all our creative juices going, here’s our favourite top 4 New Year’s campaign ideas to capture your audience’s attention:

1. This years predictions…

Why not create your campaign with a mix of facts? What’s happening in your world as a client or agency? Is there a new technology? Do you think something will happen or come into play at the end of the year? Have fun and create evocative intrigue to keep your audience watching your every post with company’s goals and ideas.

2. Last year…

How much were your audience listening, watching and reading last year? Why not create a giveaway campaign where you test your users knowledge of your brand to date and reward them with a discount, free product or service?

3. What do you predict?

Instead of stating predictions of your product or service this year, ask your audience what they want to see this year. E.g. Walkers with their ‘What’s your flavour?’ campaign, putting the choice of flavour to the public that will be created dependent on the winning idea. This makes your audience watch your feed intently to see what’s being suggested with a greater feeling of being part of something bigger as the user gets the chance to have their product made.


4. What do you want to get rid of?

Many marketeers suggest this as a great way of putting a spin on a negative and making it positive. Get your audience thinking about what they want to reduce this year. E.g. our client Boka, is all about low sugar, maybe play on the aspect of sugar only and ask them specific questions. Or purely do it as a roast / feedback on your brand, ask the nation to say what they don’t like about something on your site etc. You’ll not only get invaluable feedback, but if you implement the change, you’ll look like a brand that cares about your audience’s opinion.

Bopgun 2017

It’s the time of year where we all make promises to ourselves and at Bopgun it’s no different. However we’ve added a slightly different spin on the new year resolutions ignoring the dieting and healthy eating and have asked our team what they want to improve, or create from a studio, from a creative POV. Being creatives of course there were numerous projects and ideas but to limit it down, we’ve chosen the best ones. Checkout the team’s Bopgun resolutions below and their progress so far…

David – Commercial Director

Style up our new studio, the overall look / feel
Poster design, posting up work, signage and continuing the brand.

Our new noticeboard!

Jonathan – Creative Director

To take a character drawing and bring it up to quality
To create one or find an existing character.

The ball is rolling, in research mode, picking a character!

Hannah – Finance and Studio Manager

Organise more team get togethers
Starting with the Wolf Run 2017, to get the team motivated and fit!

The Bopgun team’s 2017 events are underway!

Emily – Senior Account Manager

Make the office more green and attractive
Giving the studio a more fresh, healthy feel with lots of plants and fresh flowers.

Plants are starting to pop up around the studio!

Lloyd – Web Developer

Continue the CSS Polygon project
Adding a new character every month with the goal of creating posters for the studio.

To see the project in more detail, click here.

Lloyd’s characters are really taking shape!

Hannah W – Studio Creative

Create a sketch or pattern a day
Eventual goal to create a colouring book or create posters to put around the studio.

The doodles are starting to build!

Sam – Creative Designer

Create a creature and story each week
Eventual goal to create a creature bible and create posters to put around the studio.

The creature feature begins!