Brand Identity & Positioning

Bristol-Based Branding Agency: Designing Unforgettable Brand Identities

At Bopgun, we know that brand identity & positioning are crucial for making your brand stand out and connect with your audience. That’s why we specialise in creating visually stunning and memorable brand identities that capture the essence of your brand. Our team of experts, based between Bristol and Bath, will work with you to develop a unique and cohesive strategy that includes your name, logo, colours, typography, messaging, and overall style. With our expertise in market research, brand strategy, and design, we ensure that your brand identity is clear and consistent across all touchpoints, from your website to your packaging. 

Once the chosen brand route has been agreed upon and developed, we will provide you with clear guidelines to ensure everyone, both externally and internally, can apply your brand in a way that maximises its strength and impact. Our agency is passionate about helping businesses like yours create a brand identity & positioning that stands out, connects with your audience, and drives growth.

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