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If you are able to now is a great time to think about your business, how you engage with customers and take the opportunity to put yourself in the best possible position when we all get out the other side of this.

This truly is a difficult time for pretty much all of us but maybe we've been given the gift of time to stand back and look at what matters most?

Community is vital right now so if we can help in any way you know where we are!


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a little shot of inspiration

Philippe Fix: Illustrations that blew my childhood mind

Philippe Fix: Illustrations that blew my childhood mind

13th January 2014

Whilst at home last weekend I rediscovered one of my favourite books as a child: The House that Beebo Built. Sadly no longer in print, but the gorgeous detail and bittersweet charm of Philippe Fix’s illustrations are an excellent adventure into the surreal if you ever feel stuck in a creative rut: