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Turning a brand’s negatives into a positive

Turning a brand’s negatives into a positive

13th May 2016

The way we live and think has changed so much in the past 10 years and this is also mirrored in the way we see our brands. Take the beauty industry for instance, what used to be a strive for perfection (if it be unrealistically airbrushed perfection in places), size 8, pristine skin and chiseled body has recently turned into embracing the natural, real you. We could say that this is a negative ‘ugly’ side of a brand in the beauty industry, as a quote we saw on social media recently perfectly describes…”If all women were confident about their bodies, we would have no beauty industry.”  So why are brands laying themselves bare? Why the sudden change?

Dieline.com have written a great article “Embracing the Shadows” which we think explains this movement brilliantly. Discussing examples and brands that have really ‘let their hair down’ and exposed their vulnerabilities by turning them into a positive. A really clever bit of psychological advertising we thought was definitely worth a mention. Check it out for yourself.

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