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What does your desk say about you

What does your desk say about you

25th January 2017

We live in a world where half of us spend our time sat in front of a screen at a desk. Large formal desks with little or no clutter or busy and unorganised chaotic desks. Whether we sit at one or the other, have you ever wondered what your desk tidiness means? Take a look at how you arrange your pens in the pot, or the order of your files on your desk. All these little things speak volumes about you and you’re working environment.

Organised desks tend to show a reliable person who are task-orientated, plan well and get their work done on time. Messy desks don’t always mean that that person is inconsiderate or careless, but could mean that they are full of creative ideas and like to have everything around them that they might need.

At bopgun, all our desks are different. We’ve looked into what each mean – see if you can relate your desk to one of ours!

What our desk’s say about us:

The Clutterer
Often their workspace is chaotic, colourful and covered in personal effects and knick-knacks. Clutterers tend to be more welcoming of others and like to be at sat at the crossroads of the office. Organised chaos, the person often has everything handy, but doesn’t always know where everything is. They are often so busy and active that they don’t always have enough time to tidy up.

The Clutterer - Sam

The guilty: Sam – Creative Designer


The Minimalist
They will think less is more – they are practically a ghost, with just a computer, keyboard, mouse and screen. This does not always mean that that person is an introvert, but a highly conscientious, disciplined and cautious person. They are hardworking and reliable.

The Minimalist

The guilty: Hannah – Accounts and Studio Manager


The Personaliser
A person who is curious and creative, with a work space that reflects this. They often have knick-knacks, photos or artwork on their desks, which shows an open personality and a nature to care more about prospective future than shelter themselves in the now. They are more likely to have greater job satisfaction, psychological well-being and physical health, meaning they are a positive person to have around in the office!

The Personaliser

The guilty: Hannah – Studio Creative


The Expander
These people like to stake a claim on their area or desk in the office. Their personal belongings may start to encroach onto other peoples desks, marking their territory within the office. They love a spot in the middle of the office where they can radiate out to other desks around them. They tend to be more aggressive over their desk/office space and may seek to claim some of your own space.

The Expander

The guilty: Jon – Creative Director


The Techie
They are known for having more than two screens on their desk, to increase productivity and to have an impressive collection of technology. Equipped with every piece of technology invented, their workspace looks impressive. They can cause power surges with the amount of technology they have plugged in.

The Techie

The guilty: Lloyd – Developer


The Zen Master
A calming desk in the office that looks like it belongs in a spa. There is normally a potted plant on their desk somewhere. Everything has a place and an order, with little clutter. An organised desk shows a timely and dependable person. There may even be mood lighting around their desk too.

The Zen Master

The guilty: Emily – Senior Account Manager


The Surveyor
Seated away at the back of the office, they are likely to sit with their backs to the wall, with a good view of what’s coming at them. Sitting on the outer edge of the office is a sign that they are a productive person who needs their own fortress to flourish.

The Minimalist

The guilty: David – Commercial Director


Some things to remember when creating a positive working environment:

Try not to eat at your desk. Eat away from your screen and with other people, it’s healthier and gives your eyes a break from the bright lights of your screen.

Clean up
Keep away dirty cups and plates from your desk – they can attract unpleasant smells and pests.

Keep all incoming paperwork in order – this will help you keep in order and on time with deadlines.

At the end of each day, spend 2 minutes tiding your desk, so when you come in in the morning, you’ll have a clutter-free desk!