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a little shot of inspiration

Our April…fools 2017

Our April…fools 2017

1st April 2017

Every year we watch as our social media news feeds fill up with this year’s top pranks from all of our favourite brands. We all hope that we don’t fall into the thousands that succumb to the famous pranks every year. From BMW’s famous tech innovation such as 1995’s ‘Optiglass’ campaign, expressing that drivers no longer need to wear glasses, (not with the all new silicon and Polyvinylbhytral coated windscreen that adjusts to the driver’s focal prescription) to Guinness’ rename of ‘Greenwich Mean Time’ to ‘Guinness Mean Time’. We look forward every year to the run down of crackers, but is it really that easy to fool us when the nation is on particular look out for April Foolers out there? We put the question to the team who gave an array of tom foolery from victim to inflicter.

Our Top 6 pranks

#1 Smellovision
In 1965 the BBC broadcast an interview with a London professor who had perfected the technology of allowing smells to be produced through the television. This new technology was called ‘Smellovision’ and the BBC received numerous called from across the country from viewers confirming that that experienced these scents.

#2 Spaghetti Hoax
In 1957, the BBC broadcast a three-minute hoax report showing a family in Switzerland harvesting spaghetti from a tree! At the time, spaghetti was little known in the UK and many views afterwards contacted the BBC for advice on growing their own “Spaghetti Tree”.

#3 Personal items set in Jelly!
Stapler, reading glasses, mouse or even their desk phone!

#4 Car Confetti
Take the circles of paper out of your office hole puncher and pour them into the heater/air conditioning of a friend’s car. Turn their fan to high and wait for your friend to start their car – Snowstorm! The best part is over the next months a stray circle will pop out and fly through the air!

#5 Automatically replace words in documents with hilarious substitutions
In Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you can auto change words when they are typed in!

#6 An English Keyboard Garden
Colleague off for a week? A perfect welcome back prank! Just add cress seeds and some damp loo roll and then sit back and watch the garden grow!