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Convert cold website visitors into loyal customers

Convert cold website visitors into loyal customers

22nd June 2020

What’s the goal of any website? Usually, it’s to convert your traffic into buying a product or service. The truth is that everyone’s trying to convert their visitors into customers. You need to stay on the lookout for new opportunities and emerging trends to help improve your conversion rate. If you are struggling to convert cold website visitors, keep reading. We have pulled together our top tips to help you convert those unresponsive prospects.

Do your research – Understand their goals

How can you expect to convert cold website visitors if you don’t know enough about them? You need to understand your prospects goals! We don’t mean just the companies KPIs but personal goals as well. This is where a buyer persona becomes really helpful. HubSpot has put together an in-depth guide to creating your buyer persona.

By learning more about your audience you know how to market to them. What challenges in their personal life affect their business? For example, if a potential prospect has young children then time is a valuable thing. This gives you a new angle to use in your approach.

Frame your pitch around pain points

This follows on from our previous point. Utilize your prospect’s pain points. It can be more effective than talking about potential benefits. Why? Our brains produce a bigger reaction to potential losses than it does to gains. So if you can convince your audience they’ll be missing out by not using your product/service you may just see those users converting.

Explain ‘why’

Simon Sinek has an old but valuable Ted Talk on this subject. The point Simon has is that the WHY is the purpose or belief that drives every organisation. It injects passion into a business. If you align the WHY of your business into your marketing you’ll find it resonates much stronger with your prospects.

It sounds so simple. And that’s because it is. It’s much more impactful if you someone they should take action because of XYZ reason.

Use the power of storytelling

Storytelling is extremely important. All the great, big brands have a strong story behind them. As consumers, we like to believe our purchasing decisions are made through logical and analytical thought. However, we are largely driven by our emotions. By tapping into a consumer’s emotional side you can harness this to sell more effectively.

Show your personality

Following on from the previous point on how we are all emotional over logical creatures. Let your personality shine through. It’s okay to incorporate humour and in fact, often this is an effective technique to get unresponsive prospects to stop and take notice. Chances are if you can get your prospect to chuckle at and connect with your email then you’ll hear back from them.