Digital Body Language: What is it and how can understanding it improve your Customer Experience?

Digital Body Language: What is it and how can understanding it improve your Customer Experience?

11th November 2020

Body language is a useful and effective tool in determining how potential customers are likely to buy from you. Simple clues can be inferred from facial expressions, gestures and more. However, these days those types of face-to-face interactions are few and far between. But how can you interpret their body language when you’re not physically in the same room.

What is Digital Body Language?

Simply, digital body language is the online activity or behaviour that you see from consumers as they navigate your digital presence. Whether that’s engaging with you on social media, subscribing/unsubscribing to your newsletter, or even visiting your website. Your current and potential customers are leaving a digital trail of information about their intentions. You just may not be paying attention.

Fortunately, there is an array of data analysing tools at your disposal. All designed to help you collect, interpret and utilise this information. The more actions they take online, and the more you analyse this – the better you’ll understand them as a customer. Focus on the whole journey from browsing your site through to any conversions such as signing up to your newsletter.

What are the benefits?

What happens when you take the time to read and understand their digital body language? Well you’ll learn plenty about your prospects and customers, such as:

  • Where they are in the sales funnel
  • How to target them based on where they are in that process
  • When’s the right time to send your message
  • Which incentives are working best
  • How to follow-up with them
  • Generally, how engaged they are

Ultimately this will improve your offering and your customer experience. By fully understanding your customers, reading into their online habits and digital footprint, you can ensure you are targeting the right message at the right time and delivering the best journey possible. Speak to one of our customer experience experts to get the most out of your customer experience.     +44 (0) 1225 351715