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How to Improve your Email Marketing

How to Improve your Email Marketing

29th November 2017

Email Marketing, when used correctly, is a powerful tool to encourage your audience to engage with your content. But are you using it in its full glory?

Contact clients who want to hear from you

Send out emails to people that want to hear from you. Make a list of important people and companies that would benefit from receiving your email and also benefit you in return. If you have email lists with low rates of engagement activity, then simply stop sending to them. Otherwise every time you send it to those recipients it hurts your domain reputation and your chances of connecting with other potential customers. Instead engage with contacts who’ve submitted forms or somehow given you their details, not contacts whose information you’ve imported.

Be Timely.

If a subscriber signs up to receive a newsletter in January and doesn’t receive anything until March, your open rates aren’t likely to be high. An important factor of having your emails opened is timeliness. A good idea is to have an automated email. Something like “Thank you for subscribing, heres what to expect” sent out as soon as you can after they’ve subscribed. Virgin do an excellent post subscription email…

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Personalise your email

Emails that start with the recipients name are much more likely to get a better response rate. If the emails you send out are personalised rather than a general, generic email, it will make your audience feel special. Not only does it make them feel special but it also initially engages them.

Experiment and Test your emails

Experiment with what days you send out your emails. According to research Tuesdays – Thursdays are the most common days for emails to be sent out. Therefore your email may get more attention if you send on different days. Testing your emails before you send them out to your entire client list gives you a chance to check that everything works the way you want it to. Following this just keep an eye on your email open rate, this will give you clear results on whether something is or isn’t working.

Now that you know how to improve your email marketing, find out what emails you should be sending