Rebranding – Successes and Failures

Rebranding – Successes and Failures

15th December 2017

No matter how much you love your brand, eventually you may have to shake things up a notch. Various reasons may force you to adapt, such as new competitive companies coming in to play or the fact that your target audience may change. Whatever the reason you have two options, either stay with your current branding and hope it improves, or do some rebranding with a new vision. Well-known brands are no stranger to a bit of a redesign, so lets have a look at some famous companies who have refreshed their image, some for the better and others, well, not so much.

McdonaldsMcdonalds timeline

Mcdonalds was in the centre of an obesity epidemic after multiple documentaries starred this fast food chain, blaming them as the source of the problem. This caused sales to drop and return lacklustre results to investors. The solution? Mcdonalds decided to catchup to the current food market and introduce healthier choices. Running a continuous rebranding cycle alongside allowed customers to identify the new brand image with the new food choices.

AppleApple timeline
Apple is quite possibly one of the greatest rebranding stories. Early – Mid 90’s Apple was struggling with sales. With low consumer interest and high ranking competitors Apple didn’t stand out from the crowd. Definitely not the brand we know now right? It was at this point Steve Jobs took over. With a host of new products, advertising campaigns and a new minimal look he revolutionised Apple by rebranding the company into the more modern world.


Gap Timeline

However Rebranding doesn’t always work the way you want or expect it too. You may not know that Gap tried to rebrand back in 2010. Sluggish sales led Gap to try and target a younger audience and give themselves a refresh. Hastily they rolled a new, more modern image which received instant backlash from faithful Gap customers. A public protest ensued with thousands of comments on Facebook and Twitter calling for the new logo to be scrapped. Only a few days after the initial rollout, Gap decided to revert back to the old design we all know and love.

Can you think of any memorable Rebranding designs – whether thats good or bad? Let us know!

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