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We’re growing!

We’re growing!

7th January 2016

Like everyone else we’ve put on a bit of weight over the festive break, fortunately in our case it’s with a new member of the team and not down to too many mince pies!

We’re really excited to welcome our new studio designer, Sam. She joins us with a wealth of experience in both print and digital and has jumped in with both feet already working on some exciting new packaging work. We asked her a few questions to help us all get to know her more:

What’s on your desktop today?
It’s quite messy actually, I usually tidy up after my design session, but today..currently it has different textured backgrounds for a packaging brief I’m working on and a few random fruit images, and a pea picture, I have no idea how that got there??? Be gone pea, you ain’t no fruit!

Tell us a bit more about your design background
I started my career in the print industry working for a company that had it’s own digital press onsite and an offsite litho franchise. This was a very hands on role looking after proofing, finishing and client liaison as well as designing, quoting and printing collateral. We did everything the client wanted print wise from  stationery and brand logos, all the way up to canvas stretching and collating novels.

Then came the move down south from Blackpool to Bristol to work inhouse in numerous roles. Firstly in the insurance sector to the e-learning industry where I designed and managed user interface, course creation and pitch work, then on to work for an entrepreneur with many companies that we grew and managed the design work for. A very varied career so far, which has made me the designer I am today.

Which is your favorite design tool?
Hmmm now that’s a hard one as I use a lot of cool tools, but if we’re talking Adobe package wise, the winner is and always will be Illustrator, she’s my baby. The program is so easy to use and can be pushed so far. Other tools that come a close second are probably my research sites for my inspiration, such as Logopond, Awwwards and smashingmagazine.

What little things make your life worthwhile?
Sorry going to have to start with designer ones here but Fonts! Little bit of an obsession, I annoy my other half and friends calling out random fonts on posters, ads and bus stops all the time. Followed closely by words, I love to talk, but also love to write. Words mean a great deal to me both wordplay wise and having a chinwag over a coffee so I try my best to use a woman’s normal word count….and some… in a day. And I’m sorry but I’ve got to get a soppy one in here, my family and friends. Life is about the memories you make and leave behind, what’s the point otherwise.

What would be your Dragon’s Den idea?
It would have to be my touch pad glove idea. I get really annoyed having to carry a torch whilst running, it’s hard to keep hold of and puts my balance off. I’ve used head torches, the works, but the fashionista in me hates wearing them. My idea is to have the torch integrated into the kit, a round lightweight but strong LED light that is sewn into the palm of each glove and sits on top of a touch sensor, that you turn on by touching the palm with your glove fingers. Marketing wise for this, basic colour ones could be made, different lights, even different touches of the sensor could change the colours. One very colourful idea would be to make kids ones based on the Marvel Ironman character, which would also be a cool geeky adult glove too.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Creative, Random, Hashtag

What do you think of Bopgun so far?
Love it, but then I knew I would right from the interview. It’s the people that make a business just as much as the job itself and Bopgun are a fab, colourful team, with a huge array of talent and humour. The briefs and clients have been really fun to work with so far and I’m sooooo excited to be part of some of the pipeline projects, which are hush hush for now, but watch this space!