Revamping Reclaim Magazine's website and email marketing to drive subscriptions

Client: Kantos Media
Brand: Reclaim Magazine

Who are they?

Reclaim Magazine leads the way as a brand specialising in vintage, eco-friendly, and upcycled homeware. Known for their commitment to sustainability and creativity, they’ve carved a niche in promoting unique, environmentally conscious homeware that breathes life into forgotten treasures.

How we helped:

Brand strategy (Ignition) / Competitor research / Email marketing / Website design and build


Wordpress Newsletters Online Google Tag Manager Google Analytics Google Data Studio


Increase in visitors


New subscribers in launch week


Rise in visitor engagement

"After meeting Bopgun it was an easy decision to work with them: they listen, are clear, organised and, moreover, care about delivering a product that fully reflects Reclaim’s aims, ethos and aesthetic."

Loma-Ann Marks  Editor-in-chief

The Challenge and Solution

Reclaim’s website needed a transformation due to low user engagement and subscriber numbers. After reaching out to us to help, we geared up our tools for this revival project.

Our initial step involved a comprehensive website analysis to identify areas for improvement. This analysis guided us in redesigning the site, with a focus on making it user-friendly while embodying the essence of the brand.

Our goal was clear: to create an aesthetically pleasing website that reflected Reclaim’s artistic identity and boosted engagement. We concentrated on presenting their vintage and eco-friendly content creatively, introducing a ‘pinning’ feature for easy content saving. This personalised the browsing experience for users.

Alongside the website revamp, we created an automated email marketing campaign for each stage of the customer journey, including the design and build of HTML emails. This comprehensive approach led to a transformed website while resonating with Reclaim’s values. The result? A remarkable 450% increase in website visitors within the first week, over 150 new Reclaim members in the first week of launch, and a significant 115% rise in visitor engagement.

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