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Brand: Vyoo Windows

Who are Vyoo Windows?

Vyoo are distributors of high-end windows in Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas. They focus on “turn-key” solutions to provide a high-quality experience for clients, making their services unique in the industry.


The Challenge and Solution

Vyoo Windows had the experience and the services—but they needed to build their brand identity from scratch—this is where we stepped in.

With a new windows distributor and fit brand being brought to the market, we were thrilled to be the agency to bring this new venture to life. Amidst an Ignition workshop and some initial thoughts from the founder, the name Vyoo Windows was formed.

After some blue-sky thinking (see what we did there!), we created their logo to be simple and effective. As part of the brand language, we allowed the mark to be a window to help connect with customers. With the ability to use any image, there’s an added personal touch which enhances Vyoo’s exclusive customer experience.

Overall, we’ve helped build Vyoo Windows, a scalable brand with a clear vision for the future.

How we helped:

Brand development / Brand identity