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You are what you draw

You are what you draw

3rd November 2016

Ever wondered what your meaningless notepad doodles really mean and why we do doodle? This week, Bopgun looked into what our doodles mean about our personalities.

Drawing doodles reveals your personality and state of mind at the time. When we doodle, we are only half-conscious of what we are drawing, meaning that our inner thoughts and preoccupations surface. Many of us end up doodling the same things, for example, stars, flowers, arrows. These are some of the most common doodles and are symbols of our feelings or aspirations.

Emily's Doodle

Positioning and Size

Large Doodles – Doodles that take over most of the page indicate you are likely to be attracted to nature. You may also have a reserved personality and a want to socialise.

Small Doodles – A doodles on the corner of the page suggest that you are neat and organised. It also shows that you do not like wastage and prefer everything to be in its proper place.

Centre of the Page – Extrovert and in need of attention. A common trait for those who work in areas where they need to speak to the public. Using the centre of the page may also indicate the need for personal space.

Top of the Page – Shows confidence and an abundance of ideas. It can also indicate that you have something important to say.

Left hand side of the page – Is the most common place to find doodles. They can indicate feelings of nostalgia for the past.

Right hand side of the page – Not very common and may be seen more often with left-hand doodlers. It can also indicate an urge to express oneself or communicate hidden thoughts.


Animals – Sensitive to living creatures. The sort of animal determines your mood and type of person they’d like to be. Passive or small animals indicate slowness, lack of self-confidence and introverted tendencies. Aggressive animals (lions, cats etc.) represent feelings of assertiveness. Fun-loving animals (dogs, monkeys etc) indicate playfulness.

Arrows – A determined person with a specific goal in mind. Sharp and angular arrows indicate the target is something important. More fluid and decorative arrows tend to be targeting an affair of the heart or a the doodler feels passionate about something.

Chains – Indicate feelings of restrictions, particularly in a relationship or a job. They can also refer to a person’s attitudes and beliefs that don’t allow them to do as they wish. They can also show signs of feelings being very stressed.

Chess Board – Suggests patience and persistence. It could also mean weighing-up various options regarding a tricky situation. It is also a common doodle of people who are prone to mood swings.

Circles – Represent a need to find unity and peace and can indicate a struggle to bring everything together and make sense of it. It could also mean a strong intuitive sense that things are coming together to form a whole, either referring to a relationship or life in general. Also associated with feeling sociable, talkative and friendly, with a desire to be flexible and loving.

Cubes – Indicate a desire to be constructive. 3D cubes indicate the ability or attempt to see all sides of an issue. It is also a common sign of feeling trapped and or powerless to resolve a situation. Combined with round shapes and spirals, cubes often signify that the doodler really would rather be somewhere else at that particular moment. Boxes and cubes are universally the most common doodles out there.

Eyes – The inner self of the person doodling. Big eyes represent outgoing personalities and small eyes represent a reserved person. Closed eyes indicate a refusal to look inside oneself, happy or sad eyes reflect deep feels. They may also reflect paranoia or a observant personality.

Faces – A good indication of mood or character. Good-looking faces suggest you see the good in others, ugly faces indicate you are probably mistrustful. Comic faces represent a desire to be the centre of attention. Child-like doodles of faces suggest neediness and face profiles indicate you’re an introvert.

Flowers – Represent our feminine side, a desire to see natural growth and reproduction. An arrangement of flowers means a sense of family and togetherness. Women and girls are more commonly doodling flowers and they also suggest an awareness of your own personality.

Houses or Buildings – Shows you have a high value of shelter and security. Warm inviting house suggests happiness and a positive attitude towards life. Stark or haphazard houses indicate uneasiness with home life. A house on a hill suggests loneliness and isolation.

Names or Initials – Common for people who enjoy being centre of attention.

Stars – Feelings of hopefulness, looking forward to things and optimism. Clustered stars represent irrepressive romanticism, little stars represent optimism and one big bold star shows you have a definite goal in mind. Neat uniform stars suggest good metal focus, whilst freehand stars show an energetic personality.

Stairs or Ladders – A symbol of ambition and willingness to work ‘up the ladder’ in life. It also indicates you have an important, long-term task in hand or a spiritual quest or desire to be happier or more relaxed.

Transport – Any form of transport often indicates a desire to escape from a situation, travel, alter a relationship or change one’s life. The faster the type of vehicle, the greater desire to escape.

Triangles – The second most common universally drawn doodle. They reveal a rational state of mind and a desire to see important topics come to the front.

Trees – Represent egos and ambitions. A healthy tree indicates love and togetherness, a bare tree indicates depression and lack of fighting spirit. Trees also symbolise a person or thing from the past that a person does not what to forget. It can also symbolise a fear of insecurity and a need for protection.

Zigzags – Shows discomfort in life and a need to escape or an energetic person that just wants to get on with things.

Hannah' s Doodle