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How we can develop a bespoke e-commerce website to fit your business needs

How we can develop a bespoke e-commerce website to fit your business needs

22nd March 2019

A bespoke e-commerce website is so much more valuable to you and your business than a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ website. A bespoke site is created to align with your business goals and with the needs of your customers in mind. Here at Bopgun, we create bespoke websites which we combine with customer journey mapping to ensure our clients’ websites are the best they can be!

CastOn Stylescape


Hachette came to us to help with the re-branding for their new project, CastOn as well as asking us to create a bespoke e-commerce website. Together we completed an ignition session where we discovered more about the brand, the target audience and the website’s requirements. From this, we could create a more in-depth brief to ensure we produced the desired outcome.

There were 3 key aspects for us to keep in mind when designing the site. We needed to first and foremost create a shop where customers could buy beautiful knitting kits. It was also important for it to have a supportive/community aspect. From blog articles for inspirations and social communities to online tutorial videos. Alongside this, we needed to build a database of knitters that our client would have, to consistently market too.

As with any website we create it was essential to make this site responsive. Allowing users to purchase knittings kits via any device, and ensuring no customers are lost.

Customer Journey

A huge advantage of building a website bespoke is the ability to add custom functionality easily, and taking less development time. CastOn automates the entire e-commerce process, from customer notification emails to processing orders to the fulfilment house. All without human intervention. Users who complete a purchase instantly go into the CRM system allowing the customer to continue their journey with CastOn as they receive regular news and free knitting patterns.

Email Marketing

Utilizing our email marketing system, we designed and built bespoke emails that are sent automatically to customers when they sign up to the Newsletter on the CastOn website. Automated emails perform very well when done right, boosting our click rate to 73.96%! In combination with our Automated emails, we designed and built a unique email template giving CastOn complete control over the weekly Newsletter. Layout options, drag-and-drop content building and custom buttons allow CastOn to hone their email marketing, whilst maintaining brand consistency.

If you want to stand out and succeed online then a one-size-fits-all website just won’t cut it. We can work with you to develop a modern, bespoke e-commerce site. Take a look at some of our favourite bespoke websites below and get in touch to discuss what options are available for you. Give us a call on 01225 351715 or drop us an email! studio@bopgun.com

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