How to create a Customer Experience Strategy

How to create a Customer Experience Strategy

26th February 2021

Customer Experience is your customer’s perception of their experience with your brand. It is the result of every interaction between them and your business. There isn’t a specific checklist to use when it comes to CX which is why it is crucial to create a customer experience strategy specific to your business. So where do you start?

Create Buyer Personas

A great customer experience strategy requires a customer-centric mindset. Buyer personas allow you to develop a deep understanding of your audience. What are they looking for? What do they value? This is easily achieved by gathering and segmenting data. Include demographics such as age, job profile, location, interests, buying behaviours and more.

Buyer Personas

Map the Customer Journey

Now that you thoroughly understand who your customers are you can start mapping their journey. This helps you to develop a better view of how consumers interact with your brand from start to finish. Allowing you to identify their needs and perceptions at each touchpoint. Importantly it also allows you to discover any pain points your customers are currently encountering.

Undertake User Research and Competitor Analysis

Who better to tell you what they expect from your brand than the customers themselves? Whether you use surveys, heatmaps, interviews or another method of data collection, there is valuable insight to be gained. Alongside that, competitor analysis will inform you of how your competitor’s customer experience measures up to your own. Get a feel of what it is like to interact with brands across a range of channels. From the website to social media platforms. What can you learn from them and more importantly what can you do better?

Analyse and Measure your efforts

Keep on top of what is and isn’t working. Customers wants and needs are constantly changing. Creating a customer experience strategy isn’t a one time job. It’s important to continually listen so you’re ready to adapt and evolve, staying at the forefront of your industry. Using Google Analytics for contextual insight, you can observe page views, drop off rates and traffic patterns. This will show you which customer stories are part of a larger issue. For example, if a user struggles to purchase a specific product, you can delve deeper into the analytics to see if this is a common issue or specific to the individual.

These are the basic steps involved in creating a customer experience strategy. Listen to your customers, actively collect feedback to act upon and look for opportunities to adapt to your customer’s ever-changing needs.

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