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5 reasons you should invest in creative website maintenance

5 reasons you should invest in creative website maintenance

26th May 2017

For many clients one of the most important tasks is to launch a shiny new brand into the public domain and from social media to email and web design there can be many channels to consider; but to most it can still seem a pretty straight forward effort, especially when they’re website is concerned. However the reality is that your website, just like your brand must continually be nurtured in order to prolong its lifespan, for not only its reputation and values but to ensure it engages and adapts to your target audience’s requirements. Here at Bopgun we understand that the website is today’s business card and so we continually strive to push our client’s brands to their fullest potential, from creative to UX and development, we are always on the lookout for the latest juicy additions to our clients sites to not only improve engagement but to make the brand stand out as a leader in its industry. But why should you invest in continual website design support?

1. Be on trend

As designers we are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends, from design to UX we are natural researchers and conceptualisers. This is a mammoth asset to your website, as you can guarantee you’ll have the most up to date and slick design out there with continual updates and request for change when a trend does arise that the designer thinks your brand would benefit from.

2. Brand consistency

One of the most important factors is maintaining consistency throughout your brand collateral online and offline. This will also ensure you don’t lose your consumer over multiple platforms from iPhone, to desktop to social media, ensuring your brand is recognisable. It also looks professional and promotes a sense of care to your audience. Using one agency consistently will ensure you keep your brand slick, clean and on point.

3. Content and design updates

Do you have updates to copy or imagery? No problem. Having one point of call continually means you can send in whatever you need uploading, sizing on interpreting design wise almost instantly. Have a new promo in mind? No problem. Leave it to the design team to design banners, blogs, news updates across social media and your website, leaving you with just the sign off stage. Functionality changes can also be revisited, thought out and implemented at ease, again saving you from having to do it yourself.

4. Convenience

We all like to do as much as possible when it comes to our brands, which is understandable as its out baby after all. However, in such a busy world as ours, anything that gives us those precious minutes back is like gold dust. Having continual design back up ensures you are getting the most experienced and fast working creatives to visualise and update your site at a moment’s notice, relieving the pressure so you can concentrate on the next big idea. Concentrating your brand in one agency will ensure we know enough about your brand’s history to be able to predict and implement potential growth of your website and compensate design and development wise, saving you time and money.

5. Experience a relationship

Above all you are investing in a team of talented, experienced individuals that love what they do, who in turn love nothing more than to share this drive with your brand. This therefore creates a passionate and creative relationship that will proactively push your brand to its fullest potential making it a fun and involved process.

Need some support?

As a creative agency we like to offer our clients the full package, continually striving to ensure that design and development work closely together to enhance the brand collectively. Continual support therefore doesn’t stop at design alone. Another integral system we can combine with design to ensure your brand is getting the most support is website maintenance. From front end development to CMS and programming this combo is a great way to ensure you are maintaining the look and feel and how your site physically works.

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